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    Our Electricians offer less hassle, lower costs, and solid repairs are just a few of the things our customers love

    Older Homes Electrical

    Prescott AZ homes that are more than 30 years old are not equipped for modern electrical demands. It may be time to consider updating your electrical system or to have it inspected for safety. Prescott Electricians specializes in upgrading the electrical systems of older homes.

    Residential Electrical Services

    For your electrical repairs, troubleshooting and installations to electrical upgrades or house rewires, you can trust the experience of our skilled technicians.

    Commercial Electrical Services

    We also offers light commercial electrical service, repairs, and upgrades

  • About Prescott Electricians Services

    Count on Prescott Electricians for all your electrical services needs. Prescott Electricians burst onto the Prescott scene in 2010, and was instantly a hit with homeowners in need of experienced and proven residential/commercial electricians. The instantaneous connection we made with Valley residents has much to do with the fact that the family at the helm of our business has been providing them with the very best in electrical repairs, maintenance and installation services for over 34 years. We know that there are many residential/commercial electrical contractors to choose from, and pride ourselves on impeccable customer service featuring the Valley’s best 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our work for any reason, you do not have to pay. It’s as simple as that!

    The main remit of an electrician is to install, maintain and test a variety of electrical systems, appliances and fixtures. A successful electrician should continually educate themselves in the latest developments and information relating to their profession. An electrician’s job is continually evolving with new products being brought to market, new safety devices and updated standards so it is vitally important to be aware of each new development in order to deliver the best service possible.

    Our reputation among Prescott electrical contractors precedes us. Our goal is to cultivate those relationships with our clientele by delivering the best trained electricians in the Valley to your door with prompt 24-hour service and a guarantee that your job will be done right the first time. Look to us for:

    • Electrical Repairs
    • Electrical Installation
    • Maintenance Programs
    • Code Compliance
    • Experienced residential and commercial electricians who go through rigorous background checks and intensive training before joining our team
    • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
    •  A variety of products including main electrical panels, sub panels, smoke detectors, lighting, generators, surge protectors, ceiling fans, circuit wiring and more
    • 24/7 emergency service
    • Courteous, professional technicians
    • We are on-time or your repair is free

    The list of local electricians is a long one, but few if any of these companies can offer what we can at Prescott Electricians. We offer a unique combination of experience, know-how and a passion for top-of-the-line customer service that sets us apart.


    We are the electrical contractors of choice for residents throughout the greater Prescott quad-city area. We hope you’ll take the time to learn more about Prescott Electricians and the services we offer today by calling (928) 899-4772. You can’t lose with our services, so call today! We serve the cities of:


    Cities We Serve: Prescott / Prescott Valley / Chino Valley / Dewey-Humboldt / Paulden


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    Q&A for Electrical Work

    What is the difference between a licensed electrical contractor, certified electrician and a trainee?

    A licensed electrical contractor is a business entity legally licensed to perform electrical installations. In order to conduct business or perform electrical installations, an electrical contractor must have a: ■ Bond ■ Master Business License ■ Certified electrical administrator/master electrician ■ Industrial insurance (worker’s compensation) account, unless the business has no employees ■ Certified journeyman or specialty electrician (at least one) ■ A certified electrician is a person who holds a State of Washington electrician certificate, which qualifies that person to make electrical installations. An electrician cannot perform the functions of a licensed electrical contractor unless he/she is a licensed electrical contractor. ■ An electrical trainee is a person who is learning to be an electrician. A trainee must be supervised by an electrician on every job site.

    Do I need to hire an electrical contractor to do my electrical work?

    You may do the work yourself if you are the property owner unless the electrical work involves construction of a new building you intend to rent, sell or lease. Questions and Answers about Electrical Safety ■ You may also hire an electrical contractor to do the electrical work. Remember, an electrician is not a contractor. Contracting is restricted to licensed electrical contractors who then hire the electricians to do the actual work. ■ If you hire an electrical contractor, be sure he or she is properly licensed. To check your contractor’s license and whether that contractor has previous violations, go to www.ElectricalBasics.Lni.wa.gov

    Is an electrical permit required before I start my electrical work?

    Yes. An electrical permit must be purchased and posted at the job site prior to any electrical work, except in the case of unforeseen emergency work. In such cases, an electrical permit must be purchased on the next business day.

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